Promo-informing representatives of the target audience about new products and current offers. Engagement through interesting, useful content. Notification about promotions, special offers, new methods of payment and delivery on tentify and understand the pains of the target audience and the individual client Forums Social meia Questionnaires Reviews Client Briefing Recordings of telephone conversations Client Interviews Testing multiple quiz landings We make out the list What format to save What to think of to motivate How to close the client’s pain Examples of working with pain from well-known brands Conclusion.

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Beliefs in marketing is that the majority of purchases are made to eliminate discomfort. It remains only to find out what it is, because it is different for everyone. But the main thing is that they do not buy a thing, but a result. Even when choosing Furniture, Fixtures Manufacturers Email List a package of milk, the consumer asks himself several questions: what is cheaper, better, in which package, and is it fresh? And if we move on to more global things, like a TV, a car, an apartment, it is even more difficult. If there are doubts and fears then the deal may.

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Understanding the target audience’s pain is ideally a process that begins before the product is develope, but it’s never too late to be intereste in the customer’s concerns. It’s not enough to just say good things about your Bold Data  offer. It is desirable to be aware of the true nees of the buyer, for the sake of which he will place an order. Consider a laptop as an example – someone buys it for freelancing and other work, others – for study, watching a movie for the evening, as a gift for a child or to be able to take it with them on trips as an analogue to a stationary PC. And everyone’s requirements are different: performance, battery life, weight and ease of transportation.

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