Dell is a technology company that has been dedicated. For years to creating different types of solutions for a diversified audience.  Understand How Discover how the company managed to boost its conversions. And generate better leads by investing in Landing Pages and interactive content. For 30 years, Dell has helped countries, communities, consumers and people. Everywhere use technology to make their dreams come true. Customers trust Dell to provide technology solutions. That help them accomplish and achieve more – whether at home, work, school or anywhere else.

Understand How The Challenge Generate Qualified Leads

Dell’s Digital Marketing team needed a better way job function email list to create. And globalize custom landing pages for online lead generation. Before starting to work with ion interactive , each new landing page was a multifaceted project that required several transfers. First, Dell created an IT roadmap, then worked with a design team, provided the blueprints. Coded the page, and finally transcribed or translated individual pages for each language or region included in the campaign.

The Partnership Between Dell and Ion

Dell began using the ion platform for its lead BOLD Data capture forms in September 2010. They started with the page templates that were already on the platform, but quickly realized that it was very easy to create and test their own custom models without having to understand code or ask the IT department for help. Not only did this take less time, but the company was able to accelerate the internationalization process by giving regional Marketing managers access to the ion platform.

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