The image of “perfection” until it becomes. The main standard that Many people think that they must comply in order. To create acceptance and appreciation in social society.  Your feed is always full of posts. that reflects a luxurious lifestyle.  The most perfect way of life Makes people who think they don’t match such definition.  I couldn’t help but grab the necklace. We strive to maintain an image of perfection all the time. Accumulating into insecurity and worry. We repeat to ourselves every time.  That we are Still not trying hard enough. 

Be confident throughout the year

Before the end of 2023 , the page was low-brow Email List and thought a lot. Join in creating the latest work together, closing the campaign Confident Ready to Be Positive Confident Ready to Continue beautifully, giving a gift to raise confidence. Heartfelt for Thai people to welcome the new year Under the concept of New Year’s Resolutions, which tells about setting goals. Last New Year’s goal Even if we conquer every year’s goals Not all are new. But the small successes that occur along the way are considered victories. Take us further than before Adding inspiration to live life smoothly throughout the year It is a work that combines Picture

Stopping with Merz Aesthetics Thailand

From the Confident and Positive Confident and Ready to Go Bold Data campaign.  Merz Aesthetics Thailand has collaborated with a widely known.  Thai Content Creator to create awareness of the definition of confidence. New style of heart Including being an important inspiration. For Thai society very well As shown in the participation. Figures of people in the online world and reaching more than 6 million.  People across social media, this success reflects. Seeing the endless efforts of Merz Aesthetics Thailand.  That wants to see Thai people can be more confident in their own way.  Which is in line with the organization’s mission Confidence. Be which has always been about promoting confidence in society.  Stimulating positive energy in everyone. You can follow good campaigns Thailand.  

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