I’m looking to make some changes to the photos and content of my listings. However, in the past, when I changed something, I would drop in rankings and lose PageRank. I later came back but it definitely had an effect on sales. Has anyone experienced this  This is obvious with a search engine and whenever we make any changes it always refreshes the page so all old data is automatically deleted. If you really want to be on top and want to have good sales, just hire an agency. My listing was penalized but I didn’t know it and later someone suggested an agency to take care of my listing part and all.


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Your Amazon Listings and Increase Sales  Manny talked about using keywords in your product photo titles before you upload them to Amazon. Does Iran Data anyone know if these should be the main keywords we’ve already used in the listing or other keywords that aren’t as relevant They almost use them as another support tool.. This is  This is obvious very similar to Alt-text in the seo world. Basically, the search engine trying to index your listing can’t tell what the images are. So the image description is how the search engine understands what the image is. If you use keywords, it will just increase the keyword density for the words you are trying to index and rank for.

Phone Number Data

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Listings and Increase Sales  I hope you all kill it. Just a quick one. can we use barcodes nationally or do we have to go through gs Can someone clarify Cambodia Phone Number this. It’s getting extremely confusing.  GS is  secure, nationally not but it is cheaper. You can choose btw pay less and maybe have a UPC already in use or pay more but be sure this is a clean UPC code Q Can someone explain to me why my product shows up on the first page when you select laces and supplies but when I select all departments it doesn’t even show up, it’s the same keyword i don’t understand.


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