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Business said that such sites attract a lot of traffic, which is then very easily converte into leads and sales. Take a look at this Entrepreneur article from for yourself. Even then, marketers encourage other marketers to start blogging. The problem is that few people think about quality, everyone believes that keys and quantity are the only and unique guidelines. The result is a bunch of uninteresting rewrite texts. Some sites have no doubt taken a step in Getting rid of excess Over time. in the top of Google, and today the page has gone down by 20 positions. The rule of a good site is to be useful to a simple user.

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Blogs accumulate many articles with irrelevant or outdate information, as well as junk pages that are no or give a 404 code. You should get rid of them or re-optimize them by rewriting the material using more relevant data and topics. Broken links must be completely remove, as they negatively affecte the ranking even before the algorithm worke. FAQ This section Buy Bulk SMS Service has previously been one of the behavioral factors that allowe the user to quickly get an answer to a question of interest. With the advent of Y1, this has become one of the points where information.

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Source gets into auto-replies since the text containe there is already a squeeze from a large amount of material. Summarize Several conclusions can be drawn. The main thing is that search engines are constantly changing, on average, up to 5 changes per day can be made to the work of the PS, so you nee to constantly re-optimize and improve the site. Despite this, the classic methods Bold Data of promotion have not gone anywhere, it is also worth paying attention to semantics and optimization. Machine learning is now taking the lead, and SEOs nee to understand all the innovations to keep their resources up to date. Tell about the article.

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