There for What are the benefits of server-side tracking? As regards the first point, Intelligent Tracking Prevention (ITP, which already uses browsers such as Safari and Firefox) systems limit the duration of cookies within the browser to 7 days . Furthermore, in Apple’s solution, if the referring domain is a well-known tracker (e.g. Facebook) and the URL has query parameters (e.g. fbclid) the duration is further ruc to 1 day .

These restrictions therefore have a negative impact on our ability to attribute  There for crit for conversions , as a user who lands on the site today from one of our adverts on Meta could tomorrow be seen as a new user, leading us to underestimate the conversions attributable to campaigns.

Another problem always related to browsing

via web browser concerns ad-blockers .

Ad blockers are tools (browser extensions or mobile applications) that block advertisements and, in some cases, also prevent the collection italy phone number of analytics data by websites.

According to this interesting statistic I read, in 2021 in Italy around 31.8% of internet users brows using an ad-blocker . As a result, visitors who use  There for ad blockers may not be count in your analytics data, further rucing the completeness of the information collect.

There for On the subject of privacy , however, the concern concer the transfer of data to the Un States which, in most cases, is actually where the servers of companies such as Google and Meta are locat.

Although the EU and the USA have recently sign an agreement ( here is the press release of the decision taken by the European Commission) to guarantee an adequate level of protection for all personal data, there continues to be concern about the lack of transparency regarding the data col through these third-party pixels.

Server-side tracking. Things?
Server-side tracking is an approach to web analytics in which data collection and processing occurs directly on the server, rather than the browser .

In practice  compar to the previous model

Phone Number

There for an extra step is introdin the data transmission chain: the Tags continue to collect information but in this case the browser transmits the collectata directly to the server where they can be process and analy before being sortto the destination platforms.

There for The inclusion of  this intermiate step and the correct configuration of server-side tracking allows us to set our first-party cookies from here and extend their duration, no longer having to submit to browser limitations .

But let’s take a closer look at these advantages point by point.

Greater data accuracy
There for As we were saying, since the data is Albania Phone Number List collect directly from the server. The possibility of loss or distortion . Of information due to browser limitations is ruc. Obtaining more accurate and reliable data for performance analysis.
In particular:

better precision on the number of e-commerce orders track even reaching 97-98% reliability compar to the management system.

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