In computer science, data structure refers to the way to organize, manage and store data. Data structure is a very important concept in computer programming, which determines how data is stored and the efficiency of data operations.
Data structures can be divided into two categonship between data elements.

Nonlinear data structures

Such as trees and graphs have a one-to-many or many-to-many relationship between data elements.
The choice of data structure depends on the problem to be solved and the way to operate the data. Different data structures are latvia phone number  suitable for different situations. For example, when you need to find and access data quickly, you can choose an array or a hash table; when you need to process data sequentially, you can choose a linked list or a queue.

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The design of the data

Structure affects the efficiency and complexity of the algorithm. A good data structure can make the algorithm sg the characteristics and applicable scenarios of various data structures is crucial for progr Bulgaria phone number am design and algorithm optimization.
In general, data structure is a basic concept ir design and optimize algorithms and improve the quality and efficiency of programs.

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