There is only one week left until the year’s Social Media event in Zaragoza: smZAC . 7 to enjoy great online marketing and social media marketing professionals in the same space, Zaragoza Activa. 4 intense days of free Social Media training for all-terrain marketing professionals and online entrepreneurs . More than 30 hours of practical workshops, talks and presentations to improve the image that our brand gives on social networks and on company and personal brand websites. Today I wanted to put together 10 posts from speakers that I would have liked to write, and that will make you love online marketing and social media . Are you ready?

The Facebook algorithm

And how to beat it in 4 words Do you have a Facebook profile? I mean, in addition to your company page, do you also have a personal profile? Let’s assume so. How many friends do you have on your profile? Come on, let’s say about 150, which seems to be a more or less realistic average. How many of them do you continually see information about? Of all of them? Why not? Well, you already know the Facebook algorithm. That’s how clear Lucas Aisa is in this post on his blog. Essential: What I am very proud of is writing and participating, to the extent that I have the time to do it well, with some of the speakers who attend in this its first edition. For example, the articles already written  posts for the SemRush blog).

Creating a website is

Not just taking a WordPress template and laying it out, much less doing something in HTML because we are good at it and publishing it. To create a proper website we have to take into account factors related to web design, customer orientation and marketing, and of course web positioning. I leave you with Alberto Alcocer ‘s post Cpost1 How to start with social media for my personal brand Starting a personal social media strategy for yourself as a personal brand is not as difficult as some media outlets sometimes suggest, the secret lies in knowing the channels in which you want to be present and have your target audience, that ideal community that You want me to listen to you.

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