Chrome and log in without constantly entering passwords. Common Mistakes at least 3 posts daily.We use topics that are not popular on the site or they are not there at all. Because of this, the algorithm cannot find the correct audience. To check if there are specific topics on the platform, follow the link   where, after the fraction, insert the word that best describes your content. For example, if you write about fashion, go to . Didn’t use self-help groups.

Complex Of Ideas

For example  in VK there are publics where authors help each other for free by subscribing, likes and comments. In this way, you can quickly pump. Do not share your posts on social networks. But in vain, because this is a very good way to wind up subscribers and views. Did not comment on behalf of the channel. If you write a long Fax Lists and useful comment, you can get traffic. This is a native and free way to promote. Albegova Maria Albegova Maria Blog eitor And don’t forget about SEO and keywords. Articles are include in the search.same strategy – to make content that remains popular and relevant for a long time: an explainer video; step by step guide; e-book. We choose relevant, relevant topics that will be of interest for a long time.

Fax Lists

Know That The Oldest

Yandex actively promotes its sites, so getting into the TOP is real. Why “Ya. Zen” should not be considere as the main source of income It’s definitely not possible to make money in Zen on articles quickly. And it’s not about the quality of the material or the ability to write – artificial algorithms cannot recognize writing talent. They Bold Data take into account indicators – the more reads, the more popular you are. Only with time will choose the right target audience, and then it will be possible to talk about success And one moment.

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