The issue of transparency between content producers and sponsors regarding the endorsement guidelines established by the Federal Trade Commission has been controversial. [12] Most sponsored videos contain profiles or contracts, and may vary from customer to customer, and affect specific requirements such as the nature of product promotion and the length of the promotion period.

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Well-known companies involved in this industry include   new data    Audible, sponsored social media posts sponsored social media posts usually consist of content producers/influencers, including or referring to services within a specific time in a single or series of social media posts /product. Most sponsorship posts contain profiles or contracts and may vary from customer to customer. Famous companies participating in this industry include fit-tea, sugar bear hair, and various diet plan services and watch brands.

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 [15] Cooperative content In recent years, collaborative content has become more prominent on video platforms and social media. Companies usually contact content producers/influencers to solicit their   Bold Data   creative input and voice in product production, or provide discount codes to obtain a certain percentage of profit after consumers use the code as part of their purchase.

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