Once you’ve generated the code, it’s just a matter of checking if it’s valid. If it’s not valid, your page won’t be eligible for rich results. If you generated your code with a plugin or through your CMS, you can check it by: Opening the SEO Toolbar on the page you want to check. Going to the Structured data tab. Clicking on Validate and then the Rich Results Test. Accessing Rich Results Test, via Ahrefs’ SEO Toolbar Clicking this will take you to Google’s Rich Results Test. If it’s valid, you’ll see a green tick. Once you’ve confirmed it’s present and valid, you can skip to step #3 below. If you’ve manually added your schema code, you’ll need to make two checks:

3. Monitor marked-up pages for performance and errors using Ahrefs

There are two reasons monitoring your marked-up pages is important: Websites industry email list break easily – Even if your code is valid on day #1, it can break later on. There may be code on other pages that isn’t valid as well. Existing code may be invalid – Old schema markup may be invalid and need fixing. The best way to run a check is by using Ahrefs’ Site Audit—you can access this for free using Ahrefs Webmaster Tools. Here’s how to check your website. Once you’ve run your audit, head to the All issues report in Site Audit. If there are structured data issues, you’ll see a message like the one below.

Final thoughts

Rich snippets often get more clicks than traditional “blue link” results. But whether they’re worth implementing for your website Bold Data depends on the type of content you have. You don’t need to be a coding expert to get rich snippets for your website—but it takes some work to get started. Even once everything is set up, there’s no guarantee they’ll show. Tools like Ahrefs’ Site Audit are helpful here, as they can help you validate and monitor your code. Chris Haines Article by Chris Haines Chris is an SEO director who has 10 years of experience in SEO, agency side. When not involved in SEO, he enjoys messing around with vintage synthesizers, walks on sandy beaches, and a good cup of tea.

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