Editing instagram reels can be a pain (especially if you’re using ig’s in-app program — here are some free alternative solutions), and reel templates are a user-friendly strategy for creating excellent videos. Templates will automatically clip your chosen videos into a certain time frame, usually to the beat of a particular song–providing you with a perfectly edited video in just a few seconds.

To use a reel’s template, just hit use template, which appears above the account name on the reel. When someone comments on your reel, you can reply with a reel that includes that comment—it’s an awesome way to engage with your audience and to capitalize off of content that you’ve already created.

To Reply to a Comment with a Reel

Choose the comment that you want to reply to and hit reply. Then, instead of typing your reply as you normally would, hit the camera icon. That will bring you to the reels creation page, and the comment you’re replying to will appear like a sticker on your reel.

In order to make your reel as accessible as possible, use business database captions. Captioning the audio on your reels is helpful to folks who might not be able to hear (and also helpful for people who watch reels silently, for example, for hours on end while their partner sleeps soundly next to them. Instagram will create automatic captions for you —just tap the sticker button and choose captions.

Instagram Shopping Features

Ig won’t always transcribe the audio perfectly, but you can edit each word yourself by tapping on the text. You can also change the font of the captions using the options at the bottom of your screen.

Speaking of buying directly BOLD Data within the app: that’s what instagram checkout is all about. This in-app feature makes shopping criminally easy. If impulse buying isn’t your thing (brag alert) you can add products to your instagram wishlist. To do this, just tap the little ribbon icon next to the product.

To access your saved products, tap the three horizontal lines in the top right corner of the ig shopping screen and then go to saved products. Knowing about the wish list feature is also helpful if you’re a business selling products

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