In 1940, a professor at Cornell University created a technique to improve notes during studies and became known as the Cornell Method. Even after decades of its creation, the model is used by students around the world to optimize notes on a subject and increase content retention. If you’re studying for the Enem or just want to improve your studies and still don’t know this method, keep reading this article! We explain everything you need to know to implement the Cornell Way.

Why is taking notes so important

What is the Cornell Method? Advantages of using the Cornell Method The Cornell Method Step by Step Find out how many undergraduate courses there are in Brazil! Why is taking notes so important? Imagine memorizing hours of content at once? Unless you have Switzerland Phone Number Data an excellent memory, you will hardly be able to retain everything. Therefore, it is essential to take notes during class, pointing out the most important topics that were exposed. Even if you have an excellent memory, these notes in topic format will help organize memorized knowledge and optimize the study process.

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Not to mention that, by writing down the subject,

The student is able to better assimilate that topic . Later being able to reproduce it more correctly — as at the time of the test. Is it better to take notes by hand or by typing? With technological innovations. students began to include electronic equipment during their studies, including to take notes in class. Thus, it is not difficult to find computers or tablets in the classrooms — as long as the school authorizes their use — or simply students photographing the board. Thus, a doubt arose: is it better to write or type? How to take notes is a slower process and requires greater concentration. Students guarantee more time to assimilate the content that is being placed on the sheet of paper.

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