To your page from other pages. External links factors, the value of which has certainly not diminishe today. This is still one of the most important factors (although Google ranks pages according to up to 200 criteria) for your page to move forward with a keyword. This is also logical, because you certainly talk about your products and create awesome content. But it’s especially good if someone else thinks so too. This is the best way to get inbound links from the outside, so that you write cool, interesting and useful content that people want to share and refer to.

As mention before optimisation

One possibility is, for example, to ask for a link exchange, to write content for someone’s page yourself and then receive a link in return, for example, by whatsapp mobile number list agreement, to buy an SEO service, to make links yourself, there are many possibilities, but above all, optimization for search engines must be natural. Make your website mobile friendly If you have really starte optimizing for search engines properly, then making the page mobile-friendly should be a very important part of your SEO plan. Google has even said it directly . Since mobile searches are growing every year, this is also logical.

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Update your page constantly

So make your page mobile friendly and you will definitely see better results in the Google search engine. We can definitely help you with that too! Write to BOLD Data us here . for search engines is above all the creation of valuable and sufficient content consistently. It is not enough that you write new information on your page 2-3 times a year. It must be done constantly and preferably often, even as often as possible (ie at least 2 times a month.

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