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Engagement in Facebook Marketing. Three Types of Engagement Generating StrategiesMeasuring. Your BehaviorEngagementFacebook AppsApplications on FacebookTypes of AppsInstalling Your Apps on Fan Pagesfacebook ad-commerce. What is F-CommerceFacebook Ecommerce App Outcome MeasurementMonitoring Your Activity Results facebook insights Key Metrics and What They Mean Metrics Define Who is the Facebook for Business course for? marketing skills Social media professionals who want to improve their.

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Knowledge Students in Communications, up for new dates for the Facebook for Business course to receive our newsletter, providing our subscribers with exclusive updates and Posted for those who want to pursue a career in digital marketing, this is a training not to be missed. Register database now to find out when the next class of the Facebook Business course is held. Web Analytics – Much More than Page Views Web Analytics – Much More than Page Views Web Analytics – Much More than Page Views Web Analytics is much more than Page Views, it is a powerful tool to support strategic decisions about a company’s online presence, and become a powerful indicator of asset pricing.

When properly interpreted


Visitation data can provide a very broad view of a. Website or virtual store’s business activity. Not just its level of activity. This is just one of the nuances of modern web analytics, which is increasingly important in the management decisions of a website or virtual BOLD Data store. Be it structure, promotion or business. Regardless of the data collection system used, Google Analytics or otherwise. It is important to fit each metric into its appropriate dimension and apply the results to the research plan. Website Improvement Tools One of the main functions of web analytics is as a source of data for improving a website, blog or online store. The data collected allows us to determine the strengths and weaknesses of the site and make changes aimed at improving.

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