As a result, however, we end up developing emails for larger screens first, and that can make things more difficult in the long run. For example, taking an email design for desktop with a three-column layout and re-coding it to look right on various mobile devices is going to require a lot of development work. How should those columns stack? How will images and text ne to of Landing Pages change? What mobile breakpoints should you consider? The more code you ne to write to adapt for smaller screens, the more opportunities there are for minor mistakes that cause things to break.

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One missing curly bracket and suddenly the entire email layout is mess up. On the other hand, when you start with a simple layout for viewing emails on smartphones, and then expand the design for desktop, its a different story. If subscribers viewing emails on desktop end up seeing the mobile layout for your email campaign, it will still look fine, and they can still engage. But you cant say the same thing about viewing b2b leads the desktop version of an email on mobile. Thats why mobile-first email coding is a safer bet. How to switch to mobile-first email coding arguably, the most popular way to achieve responsive email design with code is to use mia queries.

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Now, its certainly possible to develop responsive emails without using mia queries. Fellow email geek nicole merlin has an excellent write-up on her process for coding responsive emails without mia queries. However, in this article, well focus on coding with mia queries. At this point, mia query support for screen size is well support across nearly all of BOLD Data the major email clients. Thats what i use for responsive email design. And when you code for mobile first, mia queries are fairly foolproof. (check out caniemail. Com for the latest. ) the biggest switch of Landing Pages for most people will be using min-width mia queries instead of max-width. By simply doing that, youll be taking a mobile-first approach to email development.

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