Since the publication of. You can attach one photo and a link to a sponsor post. Targeting is Carri out only on the messenger audience. Advertising of companies will be visible only. To those users who have already enter into communication with them. Also, companies can now ebb FB Messenger. On their website and invite users to subscribe to notifications about the status of a transaction delivery , payment , etc. when filling out forms. Who benefits from using it. Companies that want to increase customer loyalty and attract. New ones through constant contact with them through advertising posts. What to advertise.

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Current promotions and new products. Unique offers for those who photo editing servies have just plac an order. Targeting page visitors. Now you can create custom audiences from those. Who visit the page and interact with any type of content Page visitors. Those who interact with the publication or advertising post; Those who click the call to action button; Those who wrote something on your page. Those who sav the publication to themselves. Who benefits from using it? Companies that increase their reach among social network users , as well as increase. The effectiveness of advertising campaigns.

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These are opportunities to return passing Bold Data traffic . What to advertise? Advertisers can personalize their ads to this segment of the audience. Online stores , for example , can target special offers to this segment and use them to transfer the user to the next stage of the sales funnel. Carousel advertising in Instant Articles. These types of native advertising will increase engagement among. Instant Articles readers and help publishers increase. Their revenue from placements. Publishers who practice direct advertising sales will. Now be able to use several new format ad sizes for example.

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