Then this article is for you. Just continue reading to understand how this TISS standard tool works and fill in the holter orders correctly. I also present information about the long-term ECG , which is of great importance in the diagnosis of arrhythmias and other diseases. Always count on the practicality of telemedicine to organize your health unit’s files and provide remote reports . What is the 24 hour holter TUSS code? The 24 hour holter TUSS code is 20102011 . This numbering complies with the parameters of the National Supplementary Health Agency (ANS) in identifying analog holters with two or more channels.

There is also a second specific TUSS code for the 24-hour

Digital with 3 or more channels: 20102020 . Both the analogue and digital versions are listed in the Diagnostic and therapeutic procedures chapter India Mobile Number Data of the TUSS table, belonging to the Electrophysiological/mechanical and functional group. What is the 24-hour holter TUSS code for? The TUSS code serves to facilitate the identification of the 24-hour holter by service providers, private health operators and the ANS. By giving a unique number, it gives a meaning to the exam, including purpose, equipment used, steps and quality standards . In this scenario, the code removes the doubts generated by different names for the holter, which can be described as: Electrocardiogram with holter 24-hour ECG Holter long-term electrocardiogram cardiac holter 24-hour heart rate monitoring, etc.

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Thanks to the Unified Complementary

Health Terminology (TUSS) . Agents and users of private health services are free from confusion.  Glosses and delays in transfers to health Bold Data units. The TUSS terminology is expresse in a table periodically update. Bby the Committee for the Standardization of Information on Supplementary Health – COPISS. Divide into four categories. Medical procedures : includes appointments . outpatient routines, exams and therapies Medicines and materials : ranges from drugs use in treatment in hospitals to supplies such as gauze and syringes.  In addition to personal protective equipment (PPE) use by health professionals Rates and per diem. Amounts charge by supplementary health services Special materials, prostheses and orthoses.

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