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Stop processing special market power the dominant entity abuses this position and therefore. Uses it in a reprehensible way , which leads to distortion of competition on the market. Such behavior is clearly classifi as contrary to the objectives of the Act. It can be assum that such a practice is anti-competitive by its nature . A. Stawicki in: Act on competition and consumer protection. Commentary. Stanwick, Warsaw , art. . In order to be able to accuse an entity of violating the provision Stop processing regarding the prohibition of abuse of a dominant position, the following conditions must be proven.

The entity must be an entrepreneur

The entity must have a dominant position on the relevant market; the entity has abuse its dominant position. The Act does not define the concept of abuse of a dominant position. It contains only an exemplary catalo of behaviours that may be classify as philippines photo editor the practice of abusing a dominant market position Article . It is therefore left to the President of the Office of Competition and Consumer Protection to decide each time whether, in a given market situation, the behaviour of a market dominant is or is not an anti-competitive practice – one of those define directly in the Act or an undam practice.

Article Bana siskin

Act on competition and consumer protection. Comment, Warsaw. Abuse of a dominant position is an objective event, independent of fault, motives or its effect, if its occurrence is possible. Such classification includes activities that are, in principle, legal and are depriv of the Bold Data features of compliance with the law as a result of their performance by the dominant entrepreneur in violation of the provisions of the Act cf. Judgment of the Supreme Court of August.

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