Will be possible to find ways to get out of a difficult situation. Feel free to ask for help! Talk to someone close to you who can support you. Relieve stress Watch your body. When you are stressed the body is in a state of readiness to run you are tense. Go in for sports walk in the fresh air. Create any activity that will bring you pleasure. For many people physical activity helps to feel in good shape and feel the inner resource. Start for example with small walks.

Step By Step Small Improvements

Breath Practice breathing practices. There are a lot of them choose the comfortable one for you. Brief episodes of breath holding help to switch from feeling anxious to controlling inhalation and exhalation. Make sure it is deep and slow. Count to yourself as  you breathe. Learn some simple yoga breathing exercises. Incoming control Control B2B Email List your information consumption. Read the news at a strictly allotted time. Bring more fiction back into your space. Limit the use of Telegram and other messengers. Make it a rule not to pick up the phone at least an hour before bedtime and immediately after waking up. Mode Set your sleep and meal times.

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First You Will Learn To Notice

This will give a feeling of stability and normalize the hormonal background. Try to streamline what you can take control of as much as possible. Dont focus on your own helplessness when you think about things you cant control. Plan Plan even the simplest things. Cleaning the house playing with children reading hobbies walking all this should be Bold Data written down. Praise yourself for every item you complete. Planning will show that life goes on as usual remind you of the daily routine and become a guide to action. rituals Create a good habit for yourself.

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