I wrote the e-book guided by E-book Mastermind. At the beginning of the launch,  launch team that helped me share information about the e-book with others. I remember there were about 1000 people on my e-mail list and about 22-25,000 members in the Dream of Happiness FB community (hey, 3 years is a long time and I can’t remember the exact numbers anymore ) Before the launch of the e-book, 10-20 people read through it and I received written feedback from them, which I was able to use in my own marketing. , e-mail list, FB community and FB ads, I sold about 5-7 e-books per day. Also read this: How to write an e-book that will definitely be bought? In 2016, I decided to give up the whole financial concept and sold the books and their copyrights on.

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 With the concept, however, the situation has turned around so that the e-book has new database been returned to me (a contractual condition was not fulfilled), so the e-book is again available in its original form. For other e-books, I haven’t done quite such a big launch, I’ve written e-books and told about them to subscribers of the weekly newsletter. About twenty e-books are sold (in total) per month.  the more they sell Online courses At the moment, I have one online course that is constantly on sale ( New Shortcut to Start Blogging ) and one course that can only be attended twice a year ( From Blogger to Professional™ ).

The more books you market

I have renewed and updated the course, which is  Dold Dataon continuous sale, to my own course platform. I tell my weekly newsletter subscribers about the course from time to time, and the course can be viewed and purchased directly from the online store. tiiakonttinen.fi website, so you can participate in the course almost immediately. Also read this: 7 things you need to know before taking an online course On the other hand, the™ course is mainly video-based teaching. The length of the Pro version is 20 weeks, so renewing the content of the entire course in 2017 was a big project.

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