Consumers can understand if a company is communicating a certain message just to win them over or if it really believes in the values ​​it publicly transmits. It is essential for marketing and pr teams to clearly define key initiatives and objectivesof the company in order to remain transparent with consumers. As this has a strong impact on purchasing decisions. In a culture where a brand can negatively influence through a tweet or instagram story. Transparency is the foundation of brand actions and messages. This is where companies in the fashion. Luxury and beauty sectors must work to foster. In the long term. Meaningful relationships with their consumers and. Consequently. Increase roi. Cross-channel marketing is support by public relations as highlight above.

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The main objective of marketing today is to build strong relationships with customers. And this is where the ne for cross-collaboration between marketing and public relations departments arises . For example. If one of your marketing department’s goals is to develop a solid influencer marketing strategy. You ne to be able to identify key influencers capable of connecting with your brand and your customers at the same time. If they don’t possess this skill. Then they won’t help you achieve your larger goal of building strong relationships with your target audience. The influencers you select should inspire customers b2b email list  and impact their purchasing behaviors. And to cultivate the right partnerships. Marketing and public relations departments must work together.

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According to michael jais. Ceo of launchmetrics. “ the goal is to assist companies with these changes and provide them with tools that meet their new nes. ” public relations can be evaluat in relation to other marketing activities “pr has often been left out of the marketing mix due to a lack of adequate measurement tools .” one of the challenges overcome to date was to make pr activities comparatively BOLD Data measurable to understand their impact on roi . As? Thanks to the use of a unifi measurement metric for all marketing activities . Which will allow you to examine where value is generat. This metric identifies. Through a detail report. The key indicators that brands should pay attention to. Allowing them to allocate budgets more effectively and make more precise decisions for the future.

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