Internal linking of website pages not only. The ratio of improves user convenience, but also has a positive effect on SEO indicators, adding link weight to pages and thereby increasing their significance for search algorithms. It is very important not to make “links for the sake of links.” They must have meaning and a real purpose. That’s why we offer you a short checklist for linking website pages, which you can check right now.

Sort pages by The ratio of importance

Each page has a certain weight – a conditional indicator Email Marketing List  of its importance for search algorithms. The larger it is, the higher the page will be in search results. You can use Page Weight Desktop (or its alternatives) to determine the weight of pages. With its help, you can determine where the indicator is lower and increase it by adding incoming links.

Page The ratio of optimization

Internal linking will not have much effect Bold Data   if the pages themselves are not optimized. They should have high-quality and unique content, tags should be placed, thematic images should be loaded and relevant keywords should be used. Plus, of course, links on the topic. Do not place two or more identical links on the same page. Use micro markup. Take pages with high traffic as donors. Add a clickable logo to your site to return to the main page in one click. We also recommend combining automatic linking services and manual configuration. Create a blog on your website, publish useful content and add new links to your publications. Whenever possible, use text links rather than buttons.

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