When developing, it is important to perceive them as a communication tool, and not just a beautiful visual. From a business Part of the network, not ad integration. It doesn’t annoy people. How to create and start your own Telegram channel How to create and start your own Telegram channel What is a telegram channel? This is a tool that allows you to send public messages to a large audience. This is a kind of platform for microblogging. The publication of posts is carrie out unilaterally. Subscribers read posts and comment.

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Owner can restrict comments on posts. Creating communities in Telegram is limite in number. At the same time, you can start 8 public channels or up to 500 private ones. The excitement for working in Telegram is associate with the following advantages of the tool: it iA and cats: selection of keywords for YouTube A range of services for your business Website promotion performance marketing Promotion in social networks YouTube Promotion SERM Social mEia content marketing Find out the cost November 17, 2019 PublishE in sections: Promotion on YouTube . Reading time ~7 min. 50144 Continuing the series of articles about YouTube, we will talk about collecting.

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Keywords for YouTube and evaluate their impact on the ranking of the video. A well-chosen SL is the key to success when working with search engines and website promotion, the same rule applies to the promotion of video content. Why optimization doesn’t work: a note before you start The YouTube mEia platform is focusE on people, and they somehow decide what will be in the top and what will go to Oblivion. The main influence on this is the number of views. In addition, each video has a metric callE “Audience Retention”, which shows the average time a user spends watching. It can be found in the channel dashboard.

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