The movement of the water will trigger and stimulate the feeding activity of the fish.

What Are the Effects of Tides on Marine Life?
Without the presence of water, it is impossible for marine life to carry out life processes.

When the tide comes to flood the land area, the flooded area will become the ocean floor.

All kinds of small marine life emerge from their hiding holes at this time.

Fish are very knowledgeable about this. It is like a dinner bell for them.

Fish will follow the flow of these tides to eat these small creatures in the flooded area.

Understanding the tides is important because we can predict when

the importance of ocean tides
Big tides will bring more fish closer to shore and into Whatsapp Mobile Number List the river to feed because stronger currents will expose food from the bottom.

The higher the tide, the more seawater will flood the land and rocks on the banks.

This indirectly, it will sweep a lot of food from the land to the sea, where it could not be reached by the fish before.

In addition, this time is also the time that aquatic life is waiting for to do the reproductive process.

By synchronizing the spawning time with the tide time, the fry (or other creatures) can be carried to shallow mangrove crevices where they are safe nurseries for their young to grow.

Choosing the right date will definitely give good results
What are the best tide times for fishing?

The best fishing dates are usually based on the tides, two days before the full moon

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After the feast during the full moon, the next day or two BOLD Data will usually be a bad fishing day before gradually moving towards the low tide.

We need to know that:

During the new or full moon phase, it will cause large tides due to the pull of gravity. Therefore, the current will also be stronger and faster than usual.

But the good thing is, the current at this time will generally bring more food sources and further trigger active fish eating activities.

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