What your target business actually wants. This way you will create content that resonates with them. Ideally there are four main types of search intent: informational intent searchers use informational keywords when looking for information about a brand’s product or service. An example search term might be how to choose the best email generator. Navigation Intent Searchers are looking for a specific company website or want to navigate to a specific page within a website. An example of keywords used might be a pricing page. Commercial intent in this case the searcher is approaching the buying stage and considering their options. Commercial keywords indicate a searcher’s interest in a product or service. Examples of keywords to target include best email signature generators.

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Transactional intent searchers evaluate different types of email signature generator solutions and are ready to buy. An example of a keyword a whatsapp mobile number list searcher might use is pricing plans. or trucks for sale. Here are some tips to help understand users’ true intent with regards to your audience Check out top sites on the web that are optimized for the keywords you’re targeting. Research your target audience. See how your website is performing compared to your competitors. Use the information you get during your keyword research. Create interactive surveys and polls on social media platforms and websites to find out what your target business wants.

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Creating topic groups Creating topic groups is a good idea when learning how to create an effective strategy. This is one of the ways to demonstrate BOLD Data expertise and dominate the subject. Clicking on any of these topics will open a bunch of other posts related to that topic. Creating a Topic Cluster Source What is a Subject Group A topic group is multiple content items grouped under a common topic and related subtopics. Topic clusters are pieces of content created around a single topic. These content start with a strong backbone page that has multiple links to all related topics and subtopics. This is a description of a group of topics. A pictorial source for a topic cluster.

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