For example, it no longer let me download for free, and I updated to the premium version and it hasn’t given me any problems. I hope the information helps you. All the best .What other job portals would you recommend? I read you in the comments. Thank you so much Claudio Inácio. How to consultant and teacher of Personal Branding and Digital Marketing.Sevilla to find work in Seville (job offers in Seville and nearby towns). Infoempleo. Valencia to search for job offers in Valencia (job offers in Valencia and surrounding areas) And so with the rest of the cities.

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To activate your job alerts in Infoemplo email database you only have to. Access your “User Area” .  In the “ Preferences ” section, check the option “Yes, I want to receive daily job alerts by email”. That’s how quickly and easily you create alerts on this platform. Infoempleo candidates. I think the reason is because a few days ago they updated videocyborg and now they have. The paid version for 4 euros per year, or free only for 7 days. Maybe that’s why they ask for your email, I don’t know.

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This platform Bold Data offers the opportunity to search for work in any of the 52 provinces of Spain . For example, you can enter: Infoempleo Madrid to look for work in Madrid (you will see many job offers in Madrid city and community). Or at Infoempleo. Also, don’t forget that you can also enter infoempleo candidates to search for job offers in other countries and foreign cities. How to download the infoempleo app in 3 steps Infoempleo app is the platform application that you can use on your Smartphone to receive instant alerts with new job offers. To download the infoempleo app you have to.

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