This proves that groups of people love entertainment! Stories are so powerful that one of the founders of Twitter found Miuma social mia blogging platform where people could share their storiesand carv a big niche in the market. The platform has grown to 25 million users and had an estimat net worth of $400 million in 2015 . marketing Here are a few stories that work well Stephanie St. Clairbusiness coachwrote this blog post about 11 things she wish she knew before starting her own business. She start with her story as an entrepreneur and then shar the lessons she learn. This post has been lik over 17,000 times. Another story that got good results was Naoki Hiroshima’s account of how he lost his Twitter username to scammers.

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Nike Even though he only publish one blog post on Miumthat post earn him 2.8k followers on the platform. Stories are a powerful tool for making content more engagingeven in boring niches. freelance Focus on entertaining your audience Entertainment is such a powerful tool that some companies choose to focus their content on entertainment rather than ucational value. Here are some examples of boring products that got huge results with creativity. An example is Squatty Potty LLC. This company start as a small family business in Utah. They offer a wide range of Squatty Potty toilet stools for toddlers.

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It would seem that this is a topic that few people want to talk about. Howeverby creating a lively discussion and bringing up a controversial topicthey turn a seemingly boring topic into something interesting and exciting. But remember that controversial advertising must be well thought out and well plann so that your company does not spiral down. Note that in all of the examples abovethe emphasis was on using entertainment value to generate attention and awarenessrather than just promoting the product itself. Create a video podcast or info graphic.

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