What is Amshipping Here we are again with the invented terms. Yes, it’s true, “Amashipping” as such I just pulled it out of my sleeve. If you search for it on Google you will find a Colombian company (along with this post I imagine) that shows results with this keyword.I will tell you later about our progress. We have already recorded a series of videos in Quondos and this has only been the preliminary phase.

Amazon as a platform and Dropshipping as a business model

What is Amshipping Amazon as a platform and Dropshipping as a business model form the industry email list basis of Amshipping Amazon is the world’s leading online e-commerce store. There are very few things you can’t buy on this internet giant that makes even the omnipotent Google tremble . If you are an online buyer, it is very likely that you are also a customer of this e-commerce. Its omnipresence at the same time is also a danger for established online stores. The Amazon effect can be a danger for brands and manufacturers.

A new e-commerce concept: Amashipping

A new e-commerce concept: Amashipping bWhat do I mean BOLD Data by “Amashipping”? The term is evidently a combination of the words “ Amazon ” and “Drop shipping ”. From my point of view it is a radically new way of doing e-commerce because it combines the best of two worlds. At first glance they are nuances but they have great impact. 

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