Here are the available Facebook Ad placements:

Search ads: These ads appear on Facebook and Marketplace next to search results.
In-stream ads: These appear on Facebook and Instagram as individuals view videos.
Message ads: Ads appear in the Messenger app.
Feed: This ad appears when a user views their Facebook or Instagram newsfeed on their smartphone or PC.
In-article ads: They appear between articles on the Facebook app.
App ads: The Audience Network app displays these ads as native or video ads.
Story ads : Ads appear in full-screen format amidst other stories.

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9 Must-Use eCommerce Facebook Advertising Strategies
1. Set up the Facebook Pixel
Installing a conversion tracking database pixel is one of the Facebook advertising strategies you should implement before anything else. Uncertainty regarding the efficacy of their advertising is a significant source of concern for business owners. You can promote Facebook posts or create entire ad campaigns in marketplaces, but without Meta Pixels, you won’t know if the campaign is working for you. target audience .

While it may seem complicated


the concept is simple: a “pixel” is a bit of code that you place on your website, whether it’s Shopee or Lazada, to measure how users interact with it.

Once installed, it collects information about site users and their actions. This makes it easier to launch customized Facebook ad campaigns in the future, especially if you collect email addresses from your target audience .

Here’s how to create and use a Facebook Pixel on your website:

Start by visiting the Facebook Events Manager .
Hover over the ‘Connect data source’ icon and select Web.
Select Facebook Pixel, and click BOLD Data the Connect button.
Then you have to give your Pixel a name.
A creative and well-written Facebook ad is likely to catch the attention of your target audience even if you don’t go all out. Likewise, it is possible to spend money on advertising without generating sales.

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