Work is easy essential here. In many cases, such a human firewall will require a behavioral change. Employees must therefore be constantly reminde of the dangers and made aware of what they can do themselves. In addition, it certainly doesn’t hurt to think about how to reach your employees in case of an emergency. If all e-mail traffic is down due to a cyber attack or if people can no longer log in to Microsoft Teams, how do you even tell them what is going on and what to do? And, going back to trust, how do they know that cyber-attack messages and instructions are legit? You don’t want to ask yourself these questions until it’s too late – so think about it now.

What is the disadvantage of this approach

Employee generate content. Employees want and get more influence In the consumer market, User Generate Content (UGC) and influencer marketing have the upper photo editor hand these days. We have long truste content from friends, colleagues, family and even influencers more than the content that brands put out themselves. When it comes to using our own employees as content creators, we are sometimes hesitant to give up control. That is about to change! In 2022, employees will gain more influence through Employee Generate Content (EGC). We first zoom in on UGC. UGC is a term use to describe content create by users or fans of a company.

The status-based approach

The respective company may publish this content to use as positive coverage of the brand and products. Consumers then promote the brand or product by showing real (positive) experiences with the product. Well-known UGC campaigns include Starbucks’ and Apple’s e campaign. In it, consumers were urge to share self-made photos. For example, Starbucks and Apple were advertise Bold Data using content create by consumers. Give your employees influence with EGC EGC is a variant of UGC: both use content create by end users.

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