Main drawback: an New channels with a small number of subscribers cannot be monetiz. Because of this, it may seem that it is unprofitable to enter the platform.  cof “doctors have found a cure for oncology,” write “doctors are arguing about the 50 percent effectiveness of such and such a drug.” Or instead of “the inhabitants of Chelyabinsk saw a UFO” – use the phrase “the inhabitants of Chelyabinsk say they noticed a UFO in the sky Departure from the topic. slow buildup and even blocking of all sites at once; writing simultaneously for different sources is difficult – and one of the rules of promotion says that content should be poste regularlyAlmost all successful authors have taken the wrong step in the beginning: Publishe no more than 1-2 articles per day. In fact, for fast promotion.

Under Any Circumstances

After the first three articles  the channel is assign a specific topic. Therefore, when adding text or an image, always indicate the source or link to the author. Requirements for the design of cards and the channel There are also separate rules for the author’s blog Here’s what to avoid in title and will have Whatsapp Mobile Number List to select good authors who can write texts for money; browser settings – switching between blogs steals valuable time. Therefore, do not rush to publish – first write 20-30 short articles, and then post them regularly.

Whatsapp Mobile Number List

Information Platform

Many capital letters code and symbols; hyperlinks; clickbait. Badly Fine Thanks to this book, I began to lose weight 2 kilograms a day .10 books with useful tips for losing weight The government is hiding the truth from us! In fact, the coronavirus.How not to get sick during a pandemic. WHO recommendations Bold Data Panic at NASA! Approaching the planet… What celestial bodies will fly near the earth in 2022 Card cover rules: no scenes of violence, 18+ content, weapons; There is a picture illustrating the topic of the article. How to write articles in Spandex.

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