You should avoid pop-up low-informative order forms. Fill in your details and we will call you back.” it tter to immiately indicate the cost and then work with objections explaining. To the potential customer the principle of pricing giving examples etc. A person will never confirm an order without knowing the price. So you will have to take care to provide clear and up-to-date information. Service bonus personalization service bonus personalization each online store has its own features that make the process of purchasing on the site convenient and enjoyable.

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At st a person enjoys shopping. In a standard situation he simply remains satfi with everything and does not complain about anything. The set of such tools standard but they all work well. Easy payment. Different currencies a choice of method mobile app designs service detail instructions that tell you how where and when to transfer money make the user’s communication process with the site more enjoyable. He makes a quick purchase enjoys it and comes back again – n’t th a formula for success easy delivery.  fill out fields take front and profile photos call or write to the manager. A lt of transport companies and their conditions locat fore h eyes.

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If the buyer lives within the moscow ring road he receives a small bonus – delivery by courier possibly even free. The result similar to that consider Bold Data in simple payment. Bonuses and personalization. Give the customer a nice little thing for h birthday give him vip status congratulate him on h regtration anniversary or h first order. dcount accessory or other trinket sent along with the order. Personalization and small compliments emphasize that the client special and dear to the online store.

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