It is not new that, when used correctly, smartphones 16 apps to study great allies when it comes to learning, especially for those who are preparing for the National High School Examination (Enem) and for the main entrance exams in the country. Enhance your learning with a selection of apps to study from the EAD Blog: brainly Quizlet StudySmarter I went straight uncomplicates ReviewApp Microsoft Math Troubleshooter photomath Duolingo Enem Questions Enem Game Note 1000 Glau ExaBit Enem Forest Find out if EAD is for you! 1.

Brainly Brainly is a community for sharing

Content between students and teachers, with the aim of answering school, Enem and college entrance exam questions . The site also offers didactic Philippines Phone Number Datamaterial for Elementary and High School subjects. Both the website and the application gather answers to activities and step by step to solve questions. There is a free and a paid version of the service, Brainly Plus, which offers an annual or semi-annual subscription plan. In Brainly Plus, the student has access to an ad-free version and to all the contents and functionalities of the platform. The monthly fee for the app is R$ 7. Available for Android and iOS Brainly publicity imageDisclosure/Brainly 2.

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Quizlet Quizlet is a platform that brings together

Different study methods, such as cards, simulations and games . The main attraction of the tool are the cards, which can be used as a basis for Bold Data creating personalized assessments.With multiple-choice or essay questions. The website and the app bring together more than 500 million study lists. Created by students and teachers. In the content library, there are didactic materials for Foreign Language, Mathematics, Human Sciences, Medicine and Law. The learning principle proposed by Quizlet is that of spaced repetition, which proposes that content needs to be reviewed with a certain frequency so that information is not forgotten. Just like Brainly, there is a paid version of Quizlet.

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