What are mind maps and how to make yours

Geographic maps help you What are mind better and how to make yours visualize  space and locate yourself in a new place, right? Likewise, for the moment of study, mental maps come into play as true tools for identifying and representing ideas. And it’s not just the students who benefit from it. Information managers, authors, speakers, among other professionals, have also discovered what mental maps are and find in them an excellent system that stimulates creativity and prioritizes the most relevant information. Here you will learn how to make mind maps, either on paper or on your cell phone.

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The advantages of using  in the learning process When to make a mind map Materials and tools for making  How to make mind Saudi Phone Arabia Number Data maps How to use to build a study plan Find out if EAD is for you! What are  are a tool that helps visually organize and establish connections between thoughts, ideas and prior knowledge. They were conceived by the English psychologist Tony Buzan in 1960 as a way to emulate the architecture of human reasoning. According to Buzan: A mental map uses all the brain’s abilities to interpret words, images, numbers, logical concepts, rhythms, colors and spatial perception with a simple and efficient technique.

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It gives us the freedom to go wherever

Our minds take us. As you can see, the technique is not new. Since the 1960’s, the system has helped many people to create detailed diagrams to facilitate the assimilation of concepts, information and data in a text or other study content. In a text Bold Data about the French Revolution, for example. The most relevant information is spread out in a long narrative. What are mind maps compare to traditional study schemes? They can smooth out data overload. by visually illustrating and organizing what you need to learn. So, if you are looking for tips to do well in the entrance exam, in the Enem or in any selection process, the mental maps will serve as an illustrated study sheet.

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