Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Ut elit tellus, luctus nec ullamcorper mattis, pulvinar dapibus leo.The best tools made available by Google to help you define and create your content strategy. The web is increasingly saturat with content. Nowadays everyone produces material. In the most vari forms, from texts to videos to graphics, nothing is missing. In this context, how can you get notic and make your content stand out more than your competitors? You can’t risk your work going unnotic. Content marketing comes to your aid. Find out what it is and what tools you can use to your advantage to create content that leaves its mark.¬†

What does content marketing mean?

¬†Maybe you’ve never thought about it, yet, every time you write an article. New Database Prepare a video or infographics and share them on your website or social pages. You’re doing content marketing. Content marketing, in fact, consists precisely in using content. Of various kinds to share it with your audience. The ultimate goal , however, is not direct sales . What we want to do is rather acquire a new audience. Establish direct contact with customers , a stable relationship. That leads to the desir conversion. Therefore it can certainly be us to lead the customer. To purchase, but also, for example. Just to increase newsletter subscribers or to provide downloadable. Material in exchange for the email. In this way you are doing lead generation ,

What tools to use for content marketing?

An unsuspect tool for content marketing, the search console can. Bold Data However, also be us for this purpose. In addition to the possibility of on-page seo optimization . It has a series of utilities design to improve publications . Such as search analysis . This tool indicates the most view contents on a screen. And also reports clicks and impressions . So as to provide useful information to understand. How to best work to increase the click through rate. Therefore, search console is a valid ally for better monitoring. And managing your site, both because it signals technical problems at seo level. And because it gives valuable indications on the most popular pages and contents. In short, with its reports and tools. Finally, let’s not forget that it is a free service made available by google. And it can be us regardless of the platform you built the site on. 

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