Questions and answers, advantages and updat data. In this article we explain why investing in advertising on the big screen can be your winning choice. You can promote your business , or your idea , in different ways. But if you haven’t yet thought about cinema and its enormous. Potential , now is the right time to do so. With an ad hoc creat bas on your nes and your audience. Then project on the big screen, you can achieve great results and find new clients. If you are wondering how much it costs to advertise at the cinema , here you will find the answers you are looking for . Let’s start by making some considerations together . We are an agency equipp to provide you with a complete and quality service. On this unique opportunity that you should seize immiately.

Why advertise at the cinema?

We give you four reasons why advertising at the cinema could prove to be an excellent choice . Latest Database For attracting new potential customers. Give an emotion Why do men, women and children choose to go to the cinema? To escape from the daily routine. To immerse yourself in a story contextualiz in a parallel reality. To share unique emotions amplifi by the darkness in the room. Convey your advertising message . On the same screen that projects the film; offer them an emotion . (or an opportunity) as they prepare to experience other emotions. Spectators, sitting next to each other waiting . For the screening to start, are naturally prispos to receive promotional messages . 

Impact your audience

Cinema has the ability to bring everyone together, Bold Data to bring together men and women of all ages, with different passions and interests, in the same place. This is why the cinema is potentially the ideal place to find new customers . Focus on the ideal mix of iting, music and voice-over to arouse the curiosity of the right people about your product or service. You can also choose to have your commercial broadcast in a small cinema in the city center or in a multiplex in a shopping center with the aim of hitting those with the characteristics of your target audience . 

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