Meetings can be fun and highly effective. But an inefficient one can be a drain on your time. Especially if you’re busy. In our ongoing search for how to be productive in the hybrid working world. It’s important that every meeting is worthwhile and positively impacts your role. Unfortunately. That’s often not the case. Whether it’s a quick team meeting or one that requires brainstorming or strategic discussion there are some rules you can follow to make it successful. This is especially the case now that so many of us are only in the office for a part of the week or working remotely

With mondays as the most popular day to schedule meeting

Organizations spend roughly 15 percent of their time on meetings with a third of those meetings considered unproductive. According to zippia research. Interestingly. A survey by dialpad found that over 75 percent of people prefer scheduling meetings on a certain day or time. With mondays as the most popular day to schedule meetings and wednesdays seeing the longest. Running a successful meeting it’s not enough to just gather people in a room (real or online) and hope for the best! We’ve done a lot of research here at the dmi into how meetings work and the best way to run them. We share with you here 9 simple tips to help you run an effective meeting (virtual or otherwise).

 Set a clear agenda when you are time-starved

 Set a clear agenda when you are time-starved and have lots to do (like most marketers) a meeting without a purpose is a drag. Send an agenda before the meeting so people know what to expect and if they need to prepare any information. You can also have it displayed on a screen or even printed (for a face-to-face meeting) to make things move along smoothly. This is particularly important for online meetings where people work remotely and might be out of touch with a campaign or project. It helps to steer the meeting back on track if it’s going off on a tangent or breaking into smaller discussions. For example. You can say “that’s a great idea. But not one for right now. Let’s add it to the next x meeting for discussion.” “too often meetings can go off on a tangent and the purpose gets lost which can be frustrating for attendees

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