Ethical marketing breeds trust among potential customers. For example, Apple has focused heavily on privacy in its advertising efforts in recent years: And it seems to be working—if this recent poll by my colleague is any indication. But “trust” isn’t the only benefit of so-called ethical marketing. It can also lead to positive publicity and backlinks. According to Ahrefs’ . Site Explorer, Apple’s Environment page has backlinks from ~4,400 referring domains (linking websites). Donated to an approved charity in Ukraine, we extended their subscription for double of that. This resonated with many subscribers and won us organic mentions on platforms like

More examples of ethical marketing

To give you a more well-rounded overview of what ethical marketing encompasses in . Practice, here are four more real-life examples. Ahrefs Ethical marketing at Ahrefs looks a little different than Apple’s: We tell it like it is We never oversell the utility of our toolset. If it meant forcing a product top industry data pitch into our content, we’d rather not include it at all. Example of how we remove forced product pitches from our blog posts in the drafting stage Giving back In 2022. Ahrefs’ founder Dmytro . Gerasymenko launched a donation-matching initiative in a show of support for Ukraine. For any amount an Ahrefs customer 

Marou Chocolate

Another tasty addition to the list is one of . Asia’s most well-loved Bold Data bean-to-bar brands: Marou C. hocolate. The Vietnamese-based company maintains a close eye over the entire chocolate-making process, from working with Vietnamese cacao farmers through to overseeing the production line. Such is its dedication that it.  Publishes detailed reports on its sourcing process, how it supports small cacao producers, and more. Table about cacao sourcing If this isn’t transparency, we don’t know what is. Have a read—it’s fascinating stuff. Patagonia Outdoor clothing label Patagonia’s mission statement is simple: We’re in business to save our home planet.

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