Charli comes to the world as the new, totally disruptive professional social network with a unique model in the world of influencers. Therefore, brands and followers. Ismael García (Founder and CEO of Charli) and Jaime García (Co-Founder and CEO of Charli), both brothers. Therefore, create this new social network, which, as they claim, has truly high scalability and projection in the market. It was a dream, when they were little they both joked because they said they were going to but they never knew how it would happen, or what it was going to be like. One day after creating the project they realized that this was a new social network. Sometimes dreams become true.

Create a social network

In a first phase, it enters the market on top industry data Android and IOS with one objective, the professionalization of all influencers and the contribution of security to all brands, regardless of their category. In it, both will be able to match and begin a professional relationship for the creation of campaigns, executing the entire fiscal part, payment system and collections in a single click. Are you looking to connect with your favorite brand? Do you want to be verified? Thanks to our verification system, Charli verifies you as soon as you access the App, thus avoiding the creation of false accounts or profiles.

Easy and intuitive for everyone

It is already a reality, on September Bold Data 16th its great Presentation arrives at the drive-in cinema in Madrid. At 8:00 p.m. on the same day. Therefore, hundreds of influencers, brands and followers will be able to live an unforgettable experience and start working creating content with Charli. If you are an influencer or brand and you are within Charli. Therefore, you will grow professionally. If you are a follower, something new for you comes to the market. Charli will make you enjoy, connect and create content without limits, feel free and fly.

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