The focus now is content that puts people first

In its annual State of SEO report , Search Engine Journal (SEJ) received feedback from more than 3,600 SEO professionals. The results show that the audience only spends 20.2% of their time on research or searches. Wouldn’t it be better for SEO professionals to spend more time getting to know their audiences so they can write better content for people and not search engines? More than a decade ago, Google urged publishers to focus on delivering a quality user experience instead of worrying about signals and ranking algorithms. Some listened. Have you reaped the rewards for following this advice over the past decade ?

If you focus on creating click bait and content that tricks people into clicking without getting a good result, then you are part of the problem that this helpful content update is trying to Qatar Phone Number Data fix. So what should you do to change the experience? Start by confirming the following:

My site has one main focus

I have an audience that finds my content valuable when they directly visit my site or business.
My content demonstrates true knowledge and personal experience.
When the public reads my content, they learn enough about the subject to be able to do what they intended to do, or they get an answer to their question.
Consumers have a rewarding experience on my website.

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If you say “no” to any of the above it means you have work ahead of you.

How to optimize your content according to the update

Google wants the content to demonstrate EAT : Expertise ( experience and knowledge), Authoritativeness (authority in the matter) and Trustworthiness ( reliability ) . While the latter is not a ranking factor per se, aligning content with a stronger EAT is better weighted, especially for “ Your Money or Your Life” (YMYL) type sites. ) that have a significant impact on the well-being of society, people’s health, financial stability and security.

But how to Bold Data optimize the content according to the update? Making a self-assessment in three categories: content and quality, experience and knowledge, presentation and production. What are some of the questions that Google asks regarding these categories?

Content and quality . Would you recommend this content to a friend, or would you expect to see it in a magazine or book? Does this content fully illustrate the topic?

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