In other words, min-width indicates that: if the screen size is greater than or equal to x, then do y. Heres the same basic code for a two-column email layout. Except, this time we are using a min-width mia query and coding for mobile first. Its still set to 480 pixels, but now it will apply desktop styles when screens are larger than 480 pixels.view this code on parcel. One thing you may notice with the min-width example is that the code is actually a little cleaner and more concise. You only have to set the . Column class in the mia query to a width of 50% (instead of 100%) so that two columns display when desktop styles kick in. You dont have to set it as a block element.

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You just use display: table-cell. Im also using a pseudo-class . Colum: last-child to add some spacing around the mobile or stack version of the email, which gets overridden and remov within the mia query. When you take a desktop-first approach, you end up overriding a lot more than that in business lead those mia queries. However, if you do mobile-first email coding, most of the mobile styles you set will transfer to desktop. Plus, if your mia queries dont work, the mobile styles will be display by default. Things may look smaller than you intend for desktop screens, but the layout wont break, and subscribers may not even know the difference.

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 That means you actually have to change less when you do things mobile first. Plus, your desktop styles end up being much shorter rather than having really long mobile styles that override so much from desktop. Using min-width is also helpful for those using the gmail app with non-google accounts. Those so-call ganga BOLD Data accounts can have lots of rendering issues in which mia queries break. 7 tips for a mobile-first email design system before you start coding emails with a mobile-first mindset, you may have to rethink the way your campaigns are design to begin with. Responsive email design is faster and more efficient when youve got a defin system to follow.

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