If youre not already using an email design system, this would be the perfect opportunity to start. And if you already have a defin system, youll simply ne to make some adjustments. Heres some essential advice… 1. Email design mockups if youve been scaling down emails design for desktop in an attempt to make them more mobile-friendly, youll ne to rethink your approach. It may be easiest to switch everything to one-column email layouts no matter the screen size. Simplicity is definitely important in mobile-first email creation. However, its not the only way. Try rethinking your email templates with the beginning and the end in mind. In other words, how should an email template be display on the smallest and largest screens?

Big Fan of What You Could

Instead of thinking about how elements of a desktop layout will stack on mobile, consider how a responsive email could unstack or expand on larger screens. Create mockups for mobile and desktop while keeping breakpoints business database in mind. The most common mobile breakpoint is 480px, but some smaller iphones are 320px. 2. Font size take a close look at your primary font as well as any others youre using in your font stack. Make sure the text is readable on handheld devices. While 16px font is generally consider a best practice for accessibility, i chose to bump up the font size for mobile emails to 18 pixels in our design system.

Call Feature or Call-Out

With the fonts our brands use, it felt like 16px was just too small for smartphones, especially with the high-resolution displays on some devices. Remember that best practices arent hard rules, and they sometimes ne to be adjust for different situations. 3. White space give your mobile-first emails room to breathe. Adequate white space in email design is important for a good mobile experience. Space between elements BOLD Data makes it easier to consume information and understand the message youre delivering. Leaving white space around important features like calls-to-action or product images helps draw the viewers eyes to that part of the design.

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