Use GIFs as part of your social media strategy to put the spotlight on your products. Do you sell yoga pants? A GIF with slow yoga movements and a beautiful environment might surprise and grab the viewer’s attention. Presenting household cleaning supplies may not be the most exciting thing, but with a little creativity and good humor it can well be transformed into a fast-moving GIF to share.

Unlike a standard image, try using GIFs to make your products look appealing to consumers. Select text that conveys what the GIF is about and present various products as a slideshow. A continuous looping GIF where viewers don’t have to focus on your product do anything is a good way to Denmark WhatsApp Number Data keep their attention.

Alternatively, instead of focusing on multiple products, use a box-by-box format to highlight certain aspects of the product. Design visual elements to show the various features of the product. Using research on your customers’ preferences, you’ll be able to learn which of those features they want to see in more detail, and you’ll be able to use them in a detailed GIF.

Awards and congratulations

Awards and congratulations are a good reason to brag. After all, it took hours of effort, hard work, and commitment to get there, so sharing those accomplishments increases your company’s credibility and positions you as an authority on the subject.

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Why not use GIFs to share award posts and reinforce engagement? There is always enough video material that is created before, during and after an awards ceremony that can be used to create a series of GIFs. It is possible to show the winning product or project and share the reactions of everyone when they found out about the award.

sales and promotion

If Instagram marketing is part of your digital marketing strategy, GIFs can be a smart tool to highlight sales and promotions. Customers engaged with your product or service will follow your brand on Instagram in any way. And will be looking for promotions and sales. Make sure your company’s unique style is at the heart of designing fun or stylish GIFs that encourage engagement. That type focus on your product  of material will stay on the client’s timeline and encourage interaction immediately.

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