Images and contents. The needs may be different. The first concerns the need to make structural changes: if you want to work on the design of your website and carry out various tests (for example changing layout, fonts, etc.) you cannot do everything while the public browses . But it is incorrect to take the site offline. Then a copy of the website is created which remains in a staging phase – perhaps locally or localhost  and operates securely. Then when you’re done put everything online. Then there is the need to duplicate the website to change hosting or domain. In all these cases it is necessary to proceed.

How does this solution to create

How do i duplicate a site on. Must read: how to transfer your website from one provider to another. Plugin to make a copy of the website to duplicate a b2b email list website on you can use plugins. They install and get the job done with a few steps : one of the most famous names in this field is the duplicator extension . How does this solution to create a copy of word press work? And most importantly, what can you do with this add-on? You can use duplicator to create a backup on demand and download the website to localhost.

So with a theme already installed

But you can do the same to duplicate Bold Data the same website on different hosting. This solution is interesting when, for example, you want to have a base ready to repeat every time you start a new project. So with a theme already installed and set with a certain combination of plugins and settings. How to clone a site? How does this website clone plugin work.

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