It should be added: it is not necessary to install the again because everything is already present in the downloaded file thanks to this plugin for cloning a site. Duplicate a page or post in word press there is also another plugin that can help you clone a site if you are only interested in the content part: post duplicator . In this way you can act only on the contents to speed up editorial activities. It is a tool designed to create copies of articles and web pages. Just click on the duplicate item to get what you need: an exact copy of a web page or article. This is one of the reasons why it is difficult to open an international e-commerce across multiple countries. 

Here you have everything you need available

This way you speed up your development. Work and avoid having to constantly. Copy and paste content. Choose the hosting to clone the site b2b leads in many cases, to make a copy of the website on word press there is no need to add new elements or plugins. In fact, it is sufficient to have managed hosting with a pre-installed and optimized  like that of server plan. Here you have everything you need available , from assisted migration to automated staging with one click.  The legal aspect. If you work with the national market you always have to carefully evaluate shipments and payments but you have everything under control, there are many professionals who can help you.

This work can be leveraged to migrate

b2b leads

Duplicator creates a folder that Bold Data contains everything you need to duplicate: themes, plugins and of course content. So pages, posts, images and text. A site to any point you want. On the same server, locally or between different servers. Has very complex rules for international shipments and some countries require specific documentation. Before starting your international e-commerce you must clarify these points. 

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