In this post I tell you how to use Vcgs Toolbox to register each new comment as an event in Google Analytics and, therefore, be able to configure it as a goal. Tatatachán tachan!!! I’m back! Yep yep yep. There was me, mind you, something mosqui telling me that I was dropping a little in level. How to record and that it had been a while since I had come up with some interesting trick up my sleeve and “to this” a client came and told me “ Víctor, I need to know more about the comments.” on my blog, how cool it would be to be able to cross-check that data in Google Analytics .” That’s nothing, right? The man is whimsical Anyway. Here the guy got to work investigating and investigating, finding some solution that didn’t quite convince me until I decided.

To add a new function

To my Vcgs Toolbox plugin to achieve it. Discover which links, portals, blogs, social networks (or posts left furtively on the bulletin boards of the sites you visit, that I know you…) are sending you people who are more active or willing to comment. You don’t just want readers, you executive data want engaged readers. From the other side, if you get a lot of spam or troll comments, where are they coming from? Maybe here you can get relevant information. What types of content generate the most comments? (You already knew this). But, what type of content “activates” more which people from which countries is another story, right? What devices do your readers mainly comment with? You may discover that the majority of visits you receive are from mobile and, yet, the majority of comments are from desktop.

This may be because How to record

It is not easy or comfortable to comment from your mobile. Should you fix it? How many pages does a reader have to see before they decide to comment? Perhaps the Bold Data comment is not something he encouraged from the beginning. How do readers who comment compared to those who don’t comment? What differences can you see? And so, I can spend many (hee hee hee, no cusquiños, I’m taking away) minutes making an endless list. Really the data is to be interpreted. This point is really easy. In fact, I read a lot of solutions but none of them convinced me since some of them even involved some security problems or were not supported . So I decided to modify Vcgs Toolbox and put that option. Maybe I made a mistake, maybe I failed, you know that sometimes these things happen.

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