In the absence Gibson Tuttle saw an opportunity in Olive & June that align with routine changes in the activities consumers perform when I am home. Furthermore, the fact that Olive & June products are available for purchase only on the website was a significant strategic move. In fact, Gibson Tuttle is creating a section with content on the same site where you buy the products. The site therefore acts not only as an eCommerce but also as an “encyclopia”, where there will be the most frequent and popular questions and answers, examin by the founder herself.

June will advertise its content

The change of direction is not over. In fact, their “How & Go” blog will be replac by regular weekly articles and videos from. Sarah Gibson Tuttle and her entire team where they answer evergreen questions. The focus will not be on trends or celebrities, of the consumer. As with new products, Olive & via its Instagram channel, where it has over , followers, and through email marketing. Thanks to these new offerings, Gibson Tuttle expects Olive & June sales to grow -fold in . The conditions are seo expater bangladesh ltd very favourable. Thanks to excellent planning, , sets of nail stickers were purchas on launch day last April alone. Olive & June is extremely in line with market trends because, as market research firm.

But on the doubts and perplexities

Euromonitor International pricts, the global market for nail products will increase by more than in the next five years to around . billions of dollars. Furthermore, the DIY market also has very large potential according to the IBISWorld report , customers spend around $. billion on DIY products. A combination Bold Data that opens the doors to a rosy future. Return to index ↑ eCommerce opens up a new world to the beauty experience In the beauty, cosmetics and wellness sector there are many good reasons to take digital transformation seriously in a professional way. Riding the wave of digital and omnichannel, very consistent success can be achiev

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