This is supported Users hide nes that push them to desire objects or experiences. That they don’t have, and for this reason they use Instagram as a sort. Of “preview” of what their life could be like after purchasing that given object or experience. The success of this platform lies in the community that constitutes it, the watchword in fact is sharing. Users share everything from images to videos, but mostly they voice their opinions. The better your reputation on social mia, the more new users who come across. Your content will be prispos towards you and will be able to easily navigate.

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What they are looking for, since they know the format and know your brand. The interesting part for your company comes at this moment being able to understand how. The product you sell takes root in the imagination of the users you reach is of vital importance. By keeping track of the actions taken by users after they come into contact with your content. You will seo expater bangladesh ltd be able to understand how the material you offer influences them and implement. Ad hoc strategies to guide them towards the purchasing process Sell-IG-shares.

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Shoppable posts to sell on Instagram Let’s now delve into the merits of the topic and talk about. The opportunity recently introduc on Instagram the shopping functionality. With this new method your company can create an authentic showcase of products and make. It easy for the users you contact to collect information regarding the characteristics of the offer and the relat prices. The purchasing path through Bold Data shoppable posts. Through the shopping functionality you can create posts where, with the same mechanism. With which you tag people, you can tag your products in the photos you publish. These posts are easily recognizable by users as they have a white shopping bag icon at the top right of the image.

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