Watch your back, zoom. Via instagram’s private messenger, you can make audio or video calls to up to eight people at once. Just select either the phone or video option in the top right corner of your dm to start a call—this works on both desktop and mobile versions of the platform. Instagram audio and video call

an automatic reply is like a voicemail for instagram—it lets the person who dm’ed you know that you received their message, and can communicate a standard message to everyone who sends you a private chat. This is particularly helpful for businesses. An automatic reply can be used to answer frequently asked questions.

Present Timely Information or Even

Let folks know that ig dm isn’t the best way to contact you. If you’re looking to up your game when it comes to dms, hootsuite’s inbox makes it easy to streamline communication.saved replies are an incredible ig hack when you’re dealing with a large volume of dms. A saved reply is a shortcut to a longer message. You can set up business email list multiple saved replies in your ig settings.

Instead of replying to comments with another comment, you can reply to to comments using a direct message. This is a useful tool for transitioning a conversation from your comment section to a private message. To reply to a comment with a direct message, just tap message instead of reply when you’re commenting.

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Of course, if the person has already read the message, this won’t erase it from their memory though it may make them think they’re losing it.

This feature isn’t particularly useful when it comes to business (unless you’re in the business of gossip) but it is BOLD Data very fun. Open instagram messenger and swipe up on the screen to turn on vanish mode — your messenger screen will turn black, and once a message is seen on vanish mode, it disappears.

Important note: instagram notifies everyone in the chat if someone takes a screenshot. Better not. Captions are a classic way to up your instagram story game — they allow you to layer text, emojis and tags over the photo, reel or post you’re sharing.

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